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March 09, 2024

Explore the crypto world through Vitalik Buterin's perspective

An overview of Vitalik Buterin's 30th birthday article, which describes how his role has changed throughout his career in technology and crypto.


Vitalik shared his impressive experiences from the past two years, including participating in hackathons, visiting hacker residences, and developing his ideal city project, "Zuzalu," a decentralized community. In many technological fields, he concluded, based on his observations, young people are taking over leadership roles. It was his belief that the younger generation would take over as leaders and that his position would change. There are also interesting points written about his cryptocurrency viewpoint that people may find interesting.

Vitalik Buterin's evolving perspective

Vitalik admitted that he had evolved from a boy to an elderly tech industry stager. Having attended and been invited to numerous events, he observed that young people produced excellent work and specialized in a variety of fields. It is for this reason that he redefined his role.

An example of this is when he visited the thirty-person South Korean hacker community a year ago at the invitation of Nicole Sun, one of the project's main crew members. Butarin is the oldest. He realized he was playing a different role and that it was time for the next generation to take over.

An integral aspect of the identity is mathematics

His perspective shifted from being focused on economics to being more expansive and delicate. Through the use of mathematical tools, it is possible to comprehend and improve social media. Through the lens of mathematics, he continues to study social mechanisms.

Furthermore, he discussed the exciting potential of AI in today's world. We are invited to engage with philosophy, mathematics, and hidden variables, which provide hints about human interaction in many forms. In other words, AI can provide a more accurate representation of feelings.

The future of cryptocurrency in a world beyond finance

Buterin examined the future of cryptocurrency by considering its role and potential beyond finance and banking. People will become aware of cryptocurrencies, which stand in opposition to traditional banking and fiat money.

Rather than focusing solely on financial concerns, he encourages the cryptocurrency community to adapt to changing demands.

 He is convinced that the cryptocurrency space has a distinct quality and is among the real decentralized technology sectors, with developers present all over the world.

Screenshot 2567-03-09 at 10.52.40.png

                                            Source: Electric Capital's 2023 crypto developer report

Ways to facilitate cryptocurrency access

  • When it comes to problem management (including financial access), those who have never received financial services are given priority. Because of its distinct decentralized structure, cryptocurrencies can benefit those in need of financial assistance by taking advantage of their global accessibility and offering a variety of developer communities to assist them.

  • Expand the use of technology beyond just financial concerns by designing it to address wider issues like democracy and privacy in order to create more comprehensive technology.

  • In order to further the larger goal of developing fully decentralized technology independent of centralized tech companies and in competing with them. Domain-specific optional solutions are provided, including data storage, supervision, and communication. There is also a focus on the advantages of decentralization, privacy, and trust.

  • The decentralized nature of cryptocurrency makes it easier to comprehend and react to a variety of global demands, improving accessibility throughout the world.

  • One excellent technology for more delicate control over personal data and rights is Zero-Knowledge Proof. As a result, it can address issues of trust and privacy. Within the category of decentralized technology, Vitalik believed it would be the primary technology for establishing privacy, trust, and complete control.

In short, his proposed application of crypto is said to have the potential to bring about positive change in the 21st century. It covers all of the current social concerns in addition to meeting financial demands.

Cryptocurrencies and Different Cultures

Cryptocurrency is a global space with diverse communities. Each of them has developed over time and has its own strengths. Building a more expansive and transformative crypto future requires understanding these cultural differences.

Each community, including the cryptocurrency community, faces the challenge of balancing innovation and culture. Buterin presented detailed information and examples of diverse cultures in the following ways.


  • In China, opposition to cryptocurrencies frequently coexists with other difficulties, like shifting environmental regulations. As a result, many developers choose to relocate to Singapore in order to grow their businesses. This demonstrates their desire to uphold the fundamental crypto principles of global access despite the venue change.

  • Strong learning and self-management cultures exist in Taiwan, which may help people adapt to new technologies while upholding high morals.

  • In Argentina, applying pressure to force a solution for any issue that arises in the real world is outstanding. This is an illustration of how to accept change and adapt to local needs while maintaining functionality within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

  • Ethereum decided to expand the team to implement the Proof-Of-Stake protocol change. This demonstrates how it has kept its core principles while adjusting to technological advancements.

  • The ideal city of Zuzalu, which exists within the larger crypto space, shows the ability to forge new cultural norms and achieve a far more ambitious goal when people with similar ideas work together.

  • Network States is an idea for the development of an online community that enables individuals to find shared values amidst differences. This idea, put forth by former Coinbase Chief Technology Officer Balaji Srinivasan, completely transforms the administrative sector.

In conclusion, striking a balance between innovation and tradition calls for delicate methods that consider the unique circumstances of each community and prioritize advancement and preservation. It requires a range of perspectives and experiences from the crypto industry. The community can look for ways to grow while maintaining its core values.



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