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November 14, 2023

Bangkok AI Hack 2023: Let's Get Started! There Cannot Be Just One Winner.

The most recent hackathon, "Bangkok AI Hack 2023," has been held at DISTRICTX, FYI Center in Bangkok from November 11–19, 2023, under the concept of "Unlock Generative AI Adoption: BUILD - INNOVATE - TRANSFORM." It is organized by SCB 10X in collaboration with AI partnerships and top technology companies.

Mr. Unnawut Leepaisalsuwanna, Head of Venture Builder at SCB 10X during introductory speech

Fifteen finalist teams are still holding hackathons as you read this article, with mentors providing both offline and online guidance.

Aiming to be an AI-first company, SCB 10X Group demonstrates its commitment to drive technological innovation. Therefore, it collaborates with industry leaders, AI partnerships, and leading tech companies, such as Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS),, SambaNova, AI Singapore, VISTEC,, AIAT, AIEAT, Super AI Engineer, NECTEC, Creatorsgarten, Wang, SCB TechX, SCB DataX, and InnovestX. Together, they set up Bangkok AI Hack 2023 to seek out creative developers with proof of concept (PoC) for AI.

As the host, SCB 10X, a co-development and co-investment firm for global startups under the SCB10X Group, organizes workshop sessions to provide finalists with in-depth artificial intelligence training. Mentors are also available to provide advice through its large network. During the competition, food and snacks are provided to the finalists along with a venue for support at DISTRICTX.



Ice-breaking and network-building activities

On November 11, 2023, Mr. Unnawut Leepaisalsuwanna, Head of Venture Builder at SCB 10X, gave the keynote address at the Bangkok AI Hack 2023 opening ceremony. Afterward, Seekster's CEO and co-founder, Chatchanart Jiratornsirikul (JoeZ), presented a summary of the contest, including the finalist teams, daily schedules, mentors, prizes, extra awards from partners, special credits, and judging criteria. Officially, the hackathon runs from November 11 through November 19, when the closing ceremony and presentation day occur. Along with networking opportunities, the competition offers activities, workshops, and mentors to help the finalists. It included three tracks, with five teams participating in each, for a total of fifteen teams, organized under the theme of "Unlock Generative AI Adoption: BUILD - INNOVATE - TRANSFORM." Here are the three tracks:

Track 1: Model Layer
The main objective is to enhance the Large Language Model (LLM)'s capacity to facilitate the models that support low-resource languages.
The following teams are involved in this track: Harmonic LLM, Stir Fried Engineering, Traveling Salesman, Villiam, and YUP.
Track 2 Tooling Layer
Its main objective is to increase the potential of generative AI as a tool for creating a Large Language Model (LLM) that is more user-friendly.
The following teams are involved in this track: Agent for AGI,, GENIS.AI, Outlaw, and The Stumble.
Track 3 Application Layer
It focuses on creating generative AI so that it can be effectively applied across numerous industries.
The following teams are involved in this track: DreamMaker, Hospify, MeStyle, PlayVest is all 10X need, and Recommer AI.

Session workshop1 "How to learn anything"

Session workshop 2 "Navigating the World of Transformers: Modern Language Models, Fine-Tuning, and the Magic of Prompting in NLP"

Session workshop 3 "Real World Used Case Generative AI for Financial Service"


For each track, 3,000 USD will be awarded to the winning team, for a total prize pool of 9,000 USD. Additionally, VISTEC,, and InnovestX have contributed special bounty rewards to each track. Aside from that, all finalist teams are eligible for credits from Together API, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Wang, as well as access to NECTEC's AI for Thai platform.

Even on its opening day, Bangkok AI Hack 2023 demonstrated how intensely participants' commitment and determination are gathered. Additionally, mentors take seriously the responsibility of passing on their wisdom and experiences. Our biggest anticipation is what we will find out on November 19 - which team will win the most outstanding AI developer award.

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