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Senior AI Engineer

May 23, 2023

Job Summary:

SCB 10X is a subsidiary of SCB X with the mission to create long-term value through building and investing in exponential technologies, championing passionate entrepreneurs, empowering the underserved long tail, and building successful partnerships.

SCB 10X Venture Building Summary

SCB 10X's venture building team partners with entrepreneurs like you who leverage new technologies to create products people love. We co-found startups with you while providing the capital, advisory, and network support. In most cases, we invest pre-seed funds over a 6-month period and pour our hearts and souls into supporting you with all aspects of getting a new venture off the ground and succeeding.

This isn’t a “job”. If you’re ready to be a co-founder in a startup that makes a dent in the universe, then we want to talk to you. Specifically, we seek founders/entrepreneurs to join our program who are then paired with other world-class cofounders, blockchain developers, AI experts, growth specialists, product designers and more. New teams form after a brief period of founder dating and then work together to ideate, test, validate, build, and scale the next great startup.

The 10X venture-building advantage

  • Help to find co-founders: We help you find your future cofounders by matching you with people from our highly vetted community that have complementary skills.
  • Recruiting: Talent network and help with recruiting to fill key roles.
  • Technical to Deep tech support: Research and coaching from experts in the field from mobile, blockchain, AI, etc.
  • Legal and risk management: Coaching on incorporation and compliance along with discounted access to leading law and accounting firms.
  • Global Network: Unique access to partners, portfolio companies, leading companies on a global scale.
  • Community: Private office space in the center of Bangkok (FYI center) that also acts as Web3 hub with partners likes Nansen, Fireblocks, Apeboard, Token Unlocks, etc.
  • Investment: Beyond employee benefits, we can invest capital into the companies we work with to give them a boost before raising Seed funding.

Job Descriptions:

You will have the opportunity to be the co-founder or leadership role within a startup and we will help you build your vision, extensively augmented with our own experience and with customer feedback. The ideal candidate will have hands-on experience in developing and deploying machine learning and deep learning models and a passion for staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field. Specifically in this role, an AI engineer is a person who is responsible for

  • Take part in the entire cycle of product development and delivery from ideation to deployment and everything in between
  • Work in collaborative, data-driven teams to build various products
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify areas where AI application can stimulate business growth
  • Conduct research and development processes for AI strategies
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest AI emergences relevant to the business domain
  • Design, develop, and implement deep learning models for various applications.
  • Customize deep learning model architecture to suit the requirements.
  • Train and fine-tune deep learning models using large datasets.
  • Evaluate and optimize deep learning models for accuracy and performance.
  • Convert trained models to ONNX format for deployment.
  • Deploy deep learning models
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to integrate deep learning models into production systems.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in deep learning research.


  • Experience in formulating and strategizing AI solutions
  • Hands-on knowledge in machine learning, deep learning, Tensorflow, Python, NLP
  • Experience in one or more specialized machine learning areas, e.g., NLP, deep learning, recommendation systems, computer vision, conversational AI, and reinforcement learning
  • Proven experience in applying AI to practical and all-inclusive technology solutions
  • Solid computer science fundamentals in computer networks, databases, operating systems, algorithms, data structures, etc.
  • Knowledge of various deep learning model architectures.
  • Strong ability to modify deep learning model architectures.
  • Strong experience in deep learning, including experience with popular deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Keras.
  • Experience with training deep learning models on large datasets.
  • Experience with deep learning model deployments
  • Experience with ONNX model conversion.
  • Proficiency in Tensorflow.js.
  • Strong programming skills in Python and proficiency with relevant libraries such as Numpy, Pandas, and Matplotlib.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Keen interest in learning and working with an innovative technology stack

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience in REST API development, NoSQL design, RDBMS design
  • Experience with a public cloud (preferable GCP)
  • Experience in blockchain technology

- Potential equity ownership
- Competitive salary package
- Health insurance (including dental), social security, and life insurance
- Flexible working hours and remote work policy
- Variable bonus and salary increase
- Happy Thursdays with free snacks and drinks
- Get involved with a startup at its earliest stages
- Company activities e.g. team building, outing, party, etc.
- Budget to get from zero to spinoff

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