Product Owner (Venture Builder)
October 26, 2021

Job Summary:

SCB10X is a subsidiary of Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) 

with the mission to create long-term value through investing in exponential technologies, championing passionate entrepreneurs, empowering the long tail underserved, and building successful partnerships. 


Our Approach: 

  • Leverage on partnership to “rapidly and effectively” expand into regional market 
  • Focus on asset-light approach with a digital disruptor mindset 
  • Attract regional tech talents to scale up and replicate success across South East Asia 

For more information: 


Venture Builder 

SCB10X venture builder’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs and technology talents to build successful ventures. 

Job Descriptions:

  • Act as a startup cofounder, building and testing an idea from scratch with the goals of spinning off
  • Initiate ideas by identifying pain points, gaps, and opportunities
  • Validate ideas with quantitative and qualitative approaches
  • Design MVPs in close collaboration with designers and engineers
  • Test with users (and partners) and iterate ideas to acquire users with business model to achieve product market fit
  • Convey requirement or vision & roadmap of digital products and services to the related business users and team members 
  • Recommend the nature and scope of present and future digital lines by reviewing product specifications and requirements 
  • Create, prioritize and maintain feature lists and user stories in the products (services) backlog 
  • Lead the coordination between internal team and external partners, investors and other stakeholders to drive product to success 
  • Ensure a complete feedback loop by collecting user and stakeholder feedback into the product development cycle 
  • Design and perform product validation and go to market plan for the product 


  • Bachelor or Master’s degree in Marketing, Computer Information Systems, Business Administration, Software Engineering, Computer Science or related field 
  • Ability to drive product development from idea to validation to product launch 
  • Entrepreneurial mindset. Self-motivated, independent, values teamwork, and strong determination to get things done 
  • Passion in software products, start-ups, and cutting-edge technology 
  • Interested in becoming a co-founder of the spin-off company 
  • Skilled in communication and collaboration 
  • Knowledge of DeFi and blockchain is plus 
  • Knowledge of finance or investment is plus