August 21, 2020

Job Summary:

Job Summary:

Associate, Venture Capital (SCB10X) is responsible for performing due diligence, market research and monitoring of portfolio companies by means of gathering information, researching, talking with potential competitors, including technical/business to assess the target company.

Job Descriptions:

• Perform Due Diligence on Venture Capital Investment 

• Gather information from target company and industry experts

• Do research on the existing references and customers of the target company

• Explore and research potential competitors to the target company

• Work closely with technical/business consultants to evaluate the target company including IPs

• Conduct background checks on the current management of the target company

• Develop financial modelling and valuation analysis and prepare internal investment memo

• Perform market research to help identify new investment trends and opportunities

• Manage deal screening; call and/or meet with prospects, evaluate opportunities

• Summarize documentation; call notes, enter deals into CRM

• Connect business network with peers in other Venture Capital Firms

• Perform monitoring and reporting of portfolio companies


• Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Business, Finance, Engineering, Accounting discipline preferred

• At least 5 years’ experience in Venture Capital or related field

• Experience in Investment experience and/or due diligence

• Understand both technical and business concepts quickly and effectively with business acumen